Collector's Edition Shawls


The Collector’s Edition by Seasons is chock full of the most exquisite, luxurious Kashmiri Shawls on the planet. Made with pure, rare 100% Organic Natural Pashmina Wool from the Himalayas (Ladakh, Kashmir), each shawl mirrors the same incredible quality that was once exclusively reserved for royalty. Seasons only offers hand-designed, intricately hand-embroidered pieces of certified fashion-art.

Buying and wearing any of the shawls from the Collector’s Edition is a declaration that you’re not only a high-end fashion lover, but you’re also a true art connoisseur. Each "ONE-OF-A-KIND-SHAWL-IN-THE-WORLD" is a demonstration of what fashion is meant to look and feel like. Be you, be original. Enjoy.

It wouldn’t surprise me to find shawls like these in a craft museum, or even in a museum of natural history, to us they are significant as a form of art.” - (The New York Times, January 28 2011)

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