Mens Shawl Collection


As sunlight dims into dusk, a chill begins to permeate the air. You’re ready to reach for something warm, something luxurious, and something timeless to wrap yourself in.

Why not choose a hand loomed cashmere shawl from The Kashmir Company? The artisanal, 100 percent cashmere wool will keep cool weather at bay. After all, the material is sourced from the Ladakh region in the northernmost corner of India, where cold and gusty winds sweep across empty mountains and remote monasteries.

This far-flung locale is peopled with indigenous tribes who spend their days herding high altitude goats. These hardy goats live at altitudes nearing 17,000 feet, and are the source of the heavyweight yet downy soft cashmere we use to create men’s shawl and scarves of the utmost caliber.

The cashmere wool keeps these goats warm through the harshest winters, and the excess sheared from these same animals is now passed on to you in the form of a new, 100 percent cashmere shawl or scarf from The Kashmir Company. Wear one and you’ll certainly keep warm in your own climate—wherever in the world that may be.