Le Luxe Simple Collection



Classic and effortless style was always your mother’s MO. As a child, you remember her elegance as she picked you up from school. Whether entertaining at home or dressing for a party, you always remember your mother’s glamorous collection of colorful cashmere shawls, and you knew that one day you would amass your own collection of the sensuously soft garments for your own closet.

The day has come, and Le Luxe Simple Shawls are exactly the 100% handloom cashmere creations that you need to make your wardrobe complete. Woven by the hands of indigenous Kashmiri craftspeople, each solid hued shawl is a benchmark of simple, stylish luxury. Whether a fresh white to add sophistication or a cheery saffron orange for a touch of the exotic, you know you’ll create your own beautiful memories wrapped in their luxurious warmth.