Collector's Edition Shawls


The Collector’s Edition by Seasons is a collection of our most exquisite, luxurious Kashmiri Shawls on the planet. Made with pure, rare 100% Organic Natural Pashmina Wool from the Himalayas (Ladakh, Kashmir), each shawl mirrors the same incredible quality that was once exclusively reserved for royalty over the centuries. Seasons by the Kashmir Company - only offers the best hand-designed, intricately hand-embroidered pieces of certified fashion-art created by the most creative artisans of Kashmir.

Buying and wearing any of the shawls from the Collector’s Edition is a declaration that you’re not only a high-end fashion lover, but you’re also a true art connoisseur. Each "ONE-OF-A-KIND-SHAWL-IN-THE-WORLD" is a demonstration of what fashion is meant to look and feel like. Be you, be original. Enjoy. 

It wouldn’t surprise me to find shawls like these in a craft museum, or even in a museum of natural history, to us they are significant as a form of art.” - (The New York Times, January 28 2011)

"Kashmir Company's Grand Pashmina Shawls are original works of art."

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