Evening Shawls



"My evenings out are now more exciting, simply because I have added better pieces to my collection of evening shawls. And it’s all thanks to the Kashmir Company." -JD, Albany, New York

Evening Shawls

Look & Feel Like the Center of Attention… No Matter Where the Night Takes You!

There’s no more magical of a feeling than when you’re dressing up for a special night out on the town. You’re absolutely filled with desire… and can literally FEEL your imagination light up with anticipation for the memorable experiences that are forthcoming.

Evening Shawls by The Kashmir Company On this wondrous night, make him remember why he’s with you by accentuating your natural beauty with one of our Evening Shawls – and stylishly separate yourself from the rest of the crowed.

We have Authentic Handmade Kashmir Evening Shawls that are sure to satisfy every taste for style, texture and elite fashion.

"My wife is utterly delighted at her new evening shawls (yes, I had to get her two shawls)." -FG, Annapolis, Maryland

"Yours are simply the best evening shawls I have seen in years. The attention to detail and embroidery is marvelous." -DK, Bakersfield, California

Evening Shawls from Kashmir Company

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