Gift perfection this Christmas (2 of 3)

Dear Friend,

Yesterday (two days ago) we started talking about the perfect gift and what we feel constitutes absolute perfection in a gift. Today we are going to reveal to you how our customer was able to make herself so happy by selecting the perfect gift for her sister.

Let’s get right into it.

As we said yesterday a wonderful gift has the power to immediately endear the giver to the receiver; it has the power to create happiness on both sides and it should be exquisite and timeless—much like a diamond.

After much consideration we came up with the prefect answer to our customer’s problem. We figured that our customer’s main aim was to create and evoke the same positive emotions in her sister that she would want for herself. So, we simply asked her three questions.

We asked her:

1.     How did you feel when your shawl arrived in the beautiful and exquisite packaging from the Kashmir Company?

2.     What positive emotion did you feel when you wore your shawl for the first time?

3.     How do you feel 16 months on from first owning your shawl?

The answers she gave were nothing but heart-warming. She said when the shawl arrived and she looked at the packing she felt that a diamond was enclosed and that she felt like a princess.

She said also that when she wore her shawl for the first time she was the happiest woman in the world. Its warmth and elegance transformed her appearance and she instantly ‘looked better’ in the eyes of all around her.

Of course our biggest joy was hearing that 16 months on from owning her shawl, her feelings of happiness and love haven’t diminished. Even 16 months later wearing her shawl each time feels like the first time! Isn’t that truly heart-warming?

By answering those three questions we were then able to offer her the solution: “Buy your sister a shawl!”

Did she take our advice? You bet she did, and the rest as they say, is history. We hear that her sister (Sarah) is on cloud nine, and has been so for the past two 12 months!

It’s always a joy when you know in your heart that you’ve made someone happy and that is precisely what we felt when we heard that our customer had achieved her aim.

If you would like to give the gift of love this Christmas, we can help. Tomorrow we’ll write again but this time we are going to reveal to you a special shawl. It’s a shawl that will make your eyes widen, your heart warm and feelings of happiness and love wash over you. Are you excited? We hope you are because it’s going to be a delight!

Until then, stay safe.


Warm regards,

The Kashmir Company

P.S. The shawl our customer bought was a one-of-a-kind dream; we’ll show you what it looks like in the next email.