The Perfect Shawl for Christmas (3 of 3)

Dear Friend,

This is it; today we reveal the perfect shawl which makes the perfect gift this Christmas.

Drum roll….

We present to you the ‘Christmas Story Shawl!’ Don’t worry; we’ll give you a link below so you can see it for yourself.

But first, what can we not say about the Christmas Story Shawl? Handcrafted in Kashmir with all the beauty of design and detail, the shawl is everything you’d expect in something exquisite. This shawl in particular evokes all the positive emotions we’ve been talking about and one look at it will confirm to you why we compare it to diamonds!

It truly is a timeless piece and makes the perfect gift for anyone looking to express their love and create happiness in themselves and others. Imbued with the delicate tapestry of Christmas, the shawl evokes all the wonderful memories of this most enduring time of the year.

If you want someone to wrap themselves in love, this is the shawl to do it. If you want someone to never forget you, this is the shawl to do it; the Christmas Story Shawl is love delivered by hand.

You are probably very excited about wrapping your eyes around the Christmas Shawl but before you do that, let’s show you the shawl our customer bought that is able to continuously fill her with love and happiness—we promised, remember? Here’s the link:  One look and you’ll see why she fell in love with it the moment she laid eyes on it.

And now for the Christmas Story Shawl…

Look at her in all her exquisite beauty and see for yourself why she would make an exquisite and timeless gift. Wrapped up in that shawl is a great abundance of love and happiness and anyone that you present that to will love you—for life!

You have to hurry though, there are other people like you looking to make someone happy and the Christmas Story Shawl is the only one of its kind. Once it sells, that’s it. It will be sold out and you won’t get the chance to say “I love you” with this particular shawl. Here’s the link again:

That wraps up our gift to you; we hope that you are now set on making yourself and someone very happy this Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Warm regards,


The Kashmir Company