What’s in a gift?

Dear Friend,

Christmas is here again, and like most people you are probably eager to prove your love to the people in your life that mean the most to you.

This means gifts! But what’s in a gift, and what makes the perfect gift? The answer to this question is not a very easy one, but over the years we here at the Kashmir Company have done our best to help people make the right choices.

Here’s what we mean:

Several months ago, one of our customers emailed us asking about diamonds. Yes, your read that correctly, she wanted to know what gift outside of a diamond could convey her love for her sister with all the elegance, luxury and charm that a diamond brings. It was a difficult question, but we got right down to helping her.

We figured that a gift has to have several components. It first needs to have an air of exclusivity to it. Once that is satisfied, it must have incredible beauty and inherent elegance. All these features in a gift make it timeless and one who receives such a gift thinks about it year after year.

Diamonds as you know have all these qualities and so when one receives a diamond, they are immediately endeared to the person giving it.

Ultimately the perfect gift makes you happy. When we told our customer that she instantly understood what we meant. You see the perfect gift won’t disappoint, it will create an instant return of love to you and this will fill you with all the joy in the world.

For this reason giving gifts takes care in choosing; you have to get it right. If your aim is fill the heart of someone you love this Christmas, you are on the right path. We want to ensure that you get it right, hence our reason for getting in touch.

In another day or two we’ll be writing again to let you in on a closely guarded secret about the gift our customer chose (for herself!). Keep an eye out for the email; you definitely don’t want to miss it.


Until then, stay safe.


Warm regards,

The Kashmir Company