Mens Scarf Collection


A Cashmere Scarf is possibly the most important addition to a man’s wardrobe. The warmth of the scarf itself and the touch of color that pops against monochromatic office wear lend the scarf a cozy, cheering feel.

Scarves from The Kashmir Company are of an exceptional variety. We use only the finest hand loomed cashmere pashmina culled from high altitude goats in northern India. These goats produce some of the warmest cashmere in the world. We hire local tribes people to shear and weave the wool, and we’ve added the traditional tartan patterns to give you a dose of classic style no matter where you’re based—whether London, New York or Sydney.

Choose one for yourself, one for your loved one, or perhaps both. Either way, you’ve just discovered an indispensible addition to your wardrobe.