Seasons Fall Collection Released

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When the air turns brisk this Autumn, there’s nothing more comforting than wrapping yourself in the warmth of a luxurious cashmere shawl or scarf. The soft and sensuous natural fibers create an air of overall well being, keeping you warm, protected, secure. Hand Embroiderd in an environmentally conscious fashion high in the hills of Kashmir region, you can truly relax in the knowledge that your new cashmere creation is an authentic, sustainable, handcrafted and beautiful piece of wearable art.

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Seasons Summer Collection

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You’ve always loved summer. After all, the long days bring balmy weather, ample time to rest and rejuvenate from your hectic lifestyle, and a nonchalant ease that leaves you feeling energetic and youthful.

The warmer months are a time to ease into comfort at every opportunity, and the light cashmere or silk shawls from The Kashmir Company are a perfect way to add a chic dose of timelessness to your warm-weather wardrobe or to give as gifts of wearable style for all of summer’s special occasions. Whether you prefer classic white, bold primary colors or something in between, The Kashmir Company has taken all tastes into consideration when piecing together the one-of-a-kind Summer Seasons Collection.

The Kashmir Company Seasons Collection draws from nature and the beauty that each season offers NOW to ensure that your look is fresh and modern. Yet the classic designs and timeless fabrics are forged from traditional Kashmiri artisans who take pride in hand crafting an heirloom-worthy piece of wearable art that will become a family treasure.

Wherever summer finds you: sipping wine with your sweetheart on a holiday in Tuscany, exploring the museums of Paris or catching up with friends in San Francsico, you always keep a light cashmere or silk shawl on hand for when the sun dips below the horizon or the weather turns mercurial. Your handcrafted, beautifully designed shawl was designed to caress your shoulders, but what the unique piece of wearable art has really done is win your heart.

 Summer Silk Collection >

 Summer Shawl Collection >

 Wedding & Bridal Collection >

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Introducing the Kashmir Seasons Wedding & Bridal Collection

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You’ll walk down the aisle, perhaps shed a tear through the first dance and spend a cherished day in the company of those most beloved in your life. Those are the important moments that weddings are made of.

It is a day for memories to be made and treasured, the most beautiful day of your life.

You spent hours, days, searching for the perfect dress, and when there’s a chill in the air, you reach for the perfect shawl. The soft cashmere fibers caress a bare shoulder, skim your décolleté, and you feel aglow in beauty—a beauty that flows from love within even as you’re wrapped in delicate warmth without.

You’ve treated yourself to the softness of this one of a kind shawl, because you are a one of a kind bride.

Maybe you also chose this gift of handmade individuality to bestow upon your bridesmaids, your mother, his mother, so they too can feel the softness of a Kashmir Seasons shawl around their own shoulders as they collect memories of your day for their own mental albums.

And a few decades from now, you’ll pull the shawl from its hiding place, and wrap the heirloom around another pair of shoulders, so she too can cherish the memories that this unique Kashmir Seasons shawl brings to her special day. 

Seasons Wedding & Bridal Shawl Collection > 

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Seasons Spring Collection

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 Spring Shawl Collection >
 Spring Scarf Collection >

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Je Ne Sais Quoi:
Give Your Wardrobe That “It” Factor This Spring

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What’s makes a woman stand out in a crowd? This question has lingered for thousands of years and philosophers as timeless as Plato have struggled to come up with a suitable answer. The French just say she has a certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi.” Translated in English it means quite literally: “I don’t know what,” and this mystic, this searching desire to define is the inspiration for our Je Ne Sais Quoi line of shawls.

The beautiful and timeless pieces that you find in our spring collection are a testament to the founder of the company who believes in helping women who can’t decide what to wear.

With this boundless desire and inspiration to help, the goal is to ensure that as a discerning woman of timeless fashion, the right selection of “what to wear” can be made in the blink of an eye. Of course, if you do wear one of these shawls, you’ll no doubt stand out and when people remark of your ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi,’ you and only you will know thereal secret.

The Je Ne Sais Quoi collection is also for mothers and the woman who has grown graceful in age. The pastel and white/ivory colors are perfect since they provide the warmth and comfort that only pastel and white can give. As a gift to a mother you can do no better than one of these timeless and beautiful shawls.

Each shawl in the collection has been designed, colored and embroidered with allure in mind. We have gone above and beyond especially where colors are concerned and everything from subtle creams and lavender to the much bolder greens peppered with the a rainbow of colors have gone into making Je Ne Sais Quoi collection a sight to behold.

Of course each shawl comes with the usual Kashmir Company staples so the timeless and artistic beauty that emanate from the lush and historic region of Kashmir enriches every piece in the collection. The Je Ne Sais Quoi Aspen Green Shawl piece for instance, comes with a rich tapestry of floral motifs that draws you in and rewards you with stunning aesthetic appeal. The green reminds you of the effervescent charm of nature and the crisp breeze that makes spring an equinox worthy of unending praise.

Your wardrobe will thank you for breathing fresh life through our Je Ne Sais Quoi line of shawls. Each time you wear a shawl from the collection you’ll be guaranteed a splendid reception. You’ll glow under the adoration and praise that comes with wearing such artistic and timeless beauty—genuine works of art that have helped define fashion for hundreds of years.

There’s a color for everyone so why not add your slice of Je Ne Sais Quoi to your wardrobe today. 

Featured Shawls from the Collection:

Je Ne Sais Quoi Pink Ivory Shawl

Je Ne Sais Quoi Pink Ivory Shawl

Je Ne Sais Quoi Lavender Ivory Shawl

Je Ne Sais Quoi Mimosa Ivory Shawl

Je Ne Sais Quoi Blue Ivory Shawl

Je Ne Sais Quoi Aspen Green Shawl

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