About Fall Seasons Collection

Tradition Meets Trend: The New Fall Collection

The fall season is about change; it's about revealing a whole new side of your totally unique personality - with our one-of-a-kind style, grace and class. That's the message we're communicating in our brilliant, artisan-hand-created Fall Collection of exclusive Kashmir Shawls & Scarves! 

The Kashmir Company is extremely fortunate... Our company headquarters is in the San Francisco Bay Area - one of the most diverse high-fashion capitols on the planet. San Franciscans genuinely appreciate the new... as well as the timeless. Talk about a match made in heaven, because The Kashmir company represents both new trends and old traditional style, which is a huge reason we established our company in this Cosmopolitan Mecca!

The crisp fall air...and the fog rolling in over the city is a welcome friend for women who love the opportunity to show off the layers and dimensions in their style.

But it goes deeper than that...

Our elite Shawl & Scarf Collections are an opportunity to embrace and reflect the organic beauty of every season.

While spring symbolizes a feeling of rebirth...

 ...the fall season is about going within and enjoying the chance to use warmer fashion to express your more introspective thoughts and feelings.

 After all...That's what fashion is for; it's a tool to show the world the different sides of your personality. And the Seasons Fall Collection celebrates your individuality with our totally one-of-a-kind wearable art accessories.

Each piece of fashion-art in our Fall Collection was created by us. These aren't store-bought knock-offs. Our beautiful Kashmir Shawls & Scarves are designed and created by our team of artisans.

Truly... Every piece of fashion-art in our brilliant Fall Collection is as original as you are!

- The Kashmir Company

P.S. Every single one of our exquisite Kashmir Shawls are last of their kind. Only one is made of every shawl in our Fall Collection. When you see the one you want, grab it... before someone does!