Winter Seasons Collection

Winter Chic: Let it Show, Let it Show, Let it Show

Winter is....

 ...A time for introspection.

 ...A time for enjoying cozy nights by the fireplace, snuggling up with your lover.

 ...A time for letting your hair down at the coffeehouse with the latest best seller.

 ...And a time for exploring your timeless style with new layers and dimension.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we get excited about the winter season. It gives us the opportunity to express some beautiful contrast in the colors, textures and looks we use to reveal ourselves.

The diversity of weather we’re afforded with here in Northern California is the ideal platform for timeless-fashion adoring, wearable art enthusiasts. We get to experience the dramatic moods of winter blowing in from the Pacific Ocean, coming over the Golden Gate – engulfing our cosmopolitan mecca of San Francisco. It looks absolutely magical... and feels even more mystical.

It’s also an amazing backdrop that gives us locals the chance to show off new and different aspects of our personality… and the way we feel… with fashion-art. We get to embrace the classic winter look – including staples like long cream-colored coats and jet black boots, while we shop for fresh organic vegetables at the Ferry Building Farmers Market.

We’re also just a stone’s throw away from majestic Lake Tahoe and Mount Shasta – alpine communities that are ideal environments to wear, cherish and demonstrate what makes us, distinctive, in the apparel we wear.


Mature winter style is the epitome of simplistic swank. And if you're a woman who enjoys, appreciates and embraces timeless fashion this winter season...

…you need an infusion of color and contrast to express yourself more completely, without damaging the classic style and grace that you hold in the highest regard.

Seasons by The Kashmir Company offers a sophisticated splash of vibrant colors to accent and accentuate your enduring snowy fashion statement.

That’s the essence of our Winter Seasons Collection; vivid reds, warm greens and sensual cream colors to add some artistic polarity to your effortlessly elegant look.

We want to bring some fantastic flare and flash to what’s in your closet this winter. In the same breath, our new collection mirrors the stillness, solitude and quiet of winter. Our designs symbolize the replenishing of nature, while exhibiting the inner-vibrancy that’s often overlooked in the sometimes drab, rainy, snow-filled days.

When you wear an original piece of wearable art from our Winter Seasons Collection, you’ll feel wholeheartedly replenished and nurtured wrapped in our reflections of nature… You’ll feel completely taken care of – enveloped in the lavish warmth that only our exclusive, handmade, one-of-a-kind Kashmir Shawls & Scarves can provide.


To Reflecting Seasons Beauty in the Fashion-Art You Wear!

Seasons by The Kashmir Company

P.S. There are a million ways to warm up. However, there are very few ways to elegantly warm up with truly timeless style. You’ll never know how blissful it feels to be warm – until you hold in your possession one of our exquisite pieces of fashion-art! That’s our money back guarantee!

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