About Seasons Brand

The Seasons Brand is The Kashmir Company’s Fashion Art brand.     Seasons Fashion Art Brand

We created the Seasons Brand to accentuate the spectacular textures, colors and patterns that every new Equinox and Solstice embodies. 

Change is the only constant in the universe… 
…And with the Seasons Brand, we can stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape in the elite world of women’s fashion accessories! 

The Seasons Collections are a testament to the centuries-old art form of handcrafted shawl & scarf making.  

Our Kashmir Shawls & Scarves have the distinct ability to highlight women’s beauty, sensuality and charisma in ways that virtually no other garment can…!

Join the Kashmir Shawl & Scarf Revolution!

Browse our exclusive lines of Kashmir Shawls & Scarves – PERFECT for absolutely any occasion… 

…And proudly wear fashion-art that’s original as you are! 

Every product offered in The Seasons Collections has been hand-woven, hand-embroidered, hand-sewn, hand-dyed, hand-washed and traditionally sun dried – with an attention to detail that you will NEVER find anywhere else. 

That’s The Kashmir Company Guarantee!

100% Hand Embroidered Guarantee - The Kashmir Company100% Hand Dyed - The Kashmir Company100% Hand Sewn - The Kashmir Company100% Authentic - The Kashmir Company