About The Kashmir Company

The Kashmir Company

The Kashmir Company was born out of the desire to bring the centuries-old art of shawl & scarf making to the western fashion world through its Seasons Brand.

With your help…

More and more style-conscience women, around the world, are embracing the handmade elegance that every one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art commands! We are tremendously grateful for everyone who continues to patron our online store and helps us support the Kashmiri Arts.  But we’re not anywhere near generating the kind exposure the Kashmiri people want, need and deserve for their contributions to art and fashion. 

We’re determined to reach women who pride themselves as fashion trendsetters and art lovers to become the face of our mission to revive the Kashmiri lineage of handmade shawl & scarf making. We proudly represent farmers & families who invest sometimes three years of their lives (in-between planting & harvesting seasons) to produce just one hand-designed shawl or scarf. 

We’re not just in this to bring you the pieces of art; we’re here to spotlight the Kashmiri Artisans who need your support. Shopping at The Kashmir Company is the act of helping us launch a revolution of authentic handcrafted shawls and scarves in women’s fashion!

To Reflecting Seasons Beauty in the Fashion-Art You Wear!
 The Kashmir Company