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Where a company comes from plays such a huge role in its identity and how people perceive it. The soul of Seasons is in Kashmir, but our company's heart is right here in San Francisco. We wouldn't have it any other way. This truly matchless city compliments our vision to a T. San Francisco is one of the most fashion-conscious, cosmopolitan meccas on the planet. And when I first came here to the Bay Area, I immediately knew it was my home; Kashmir Company’s home.

We opened our offices here and have not looked back since. It’s been such an incredibly natural fit. We use the city and the fashionable women who live here as a platform to draw creative inspiration for The Seasons Collections. It's like having our fingers on the pulse of what's trending. More so, we're able to identify the timeless fashion statements that women of all ages remain incurably infatuated with.

The resurgence of retro fashion here in the city (and worldwide for that matter) is pushing women’s contemporary style to new and exciting heights. It’s like watching the past and present collide. The beauty of watching style evolve (and embrace older trends) is something we're incredibly excited about. The mix of new and eternal feminine fashion trends powerfully demonstrates our voice for spotlighting what remains timeless in women’s universal taste. (More about that in our next blog.)

It’s also important to us that you can feel our authenticity and sincerity as a company. In the past, we didn’t talk about our affinity with San Francisco. However, we realized that if we really want to create more exposure for our mind-blowingly beautiful one-of-a-kind products, we needed to make a statement. Likewise, we passionately want to reintroduce the ancient art of shawl and scarf making to a whole new, appreciative female audience. So we’re expressing who we are, as a company, by shouting our excitement to every woman with the ears to hear us.

You’re witnessing the next evolution of The Seasons Brand right now.

That being said…

We’re not just interested in sharing our admiration for San Francisco with you. No. We want to communicate our love affair with the entire Bay Area. Heck, it goes even further than that. We have an intense craving to articulate our total obsession with all of picturesque Northern California, because it’s our connection with nature that largely defines The Season Brand and the collections we create.

After living here for quite a while now, I’ve personally discovered some truly wonderful similarities between Kashmir and Northern California. For instance, the leaves changing their colors from the lush summer greens to the fall oranges, yellows and browns in Lake Tahoe or Mount Shasta brings me back to the exquisite alpine nature that paints much of the Kashmir landscape.

And that very same beauty is reflected in the handcrafted designer Kashmir Shawls & Scarves we’re so enthusiastically sharing with you right now!

For me, that’s what it’s all about. I want to see the magnificence that we’re absolutely surrounded by depicted in the wearable art we sell. And Northern California, as a whole, gives us that ability and stimulation. This city… and all of the exquisite nature we’re blessed with here is our muse for future collections. We take the wonderful ideas our team derives from the style-aware women and stunning nature of NorCal… and take those concepts to the Kashmiri Artisans who bring our visions to life.

The Fall Seasons Collection is the latest manifestation of this creative process. And the upcoming winter collection is sure to enliven your senses too.

We hope our love affair with San Francisco and Northern California comes through in the shawls and scarves we offer – just as much as we enjoy sharing how the Kashmiri heritage is transparent in every stitch of thread that makes these pieces of fashion-art a reality.

To Reflecting Seasons Beauty in the Fashion-Art You Wear!

Zuhier Qureshi
Founder & President of The Kashmir Company

P.S. The name of our blog is The Timeless Voice. In our next blog here, we’re excited to explore what Timeless Fashion IS… and its amazing influence in today’s feminine style.

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