The New Paradigm of Wearable Art

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Hey Ladies,

I'm curious...

Do you like to receive attention, but hate feeling gawked at?

As you get older, you look for confirmation from others less and less.

But it still feels good when people, men and women, notice the way you express yourself with fashion and makeup, doesn't it?

Part of feeling and looking timeless is treating your body like a blank canvas.

And what do you paint yourself with?


Timeless fashion-art, of course.

You paint yourself with the colors, textures, styles and interpretations of nature that makes your inner beauty come out and shine.

You paint yourself with the inspiration of the fashion designers who devote their lives to creating masterpieces of trend-defying clothing...

...just like you hang timeless pieces of artwork on your walls.

 But no longer is art just for hoarding away in your home and office.

 You are a woman who enjoys and appreciates the organic beauty of your own body.

Nothing brings you more pleasure than painting your body with clothing that makes you effortlessly appear like the timeless beauty you are.


You enjoy the attention you get from loved ones and passerby's alike.


You dress for yourself, first and foremost.

The way you paint your body is a creative freedom you could NEVER do without.

It's such a defining experience when you open up the closet door and imagine how you'll paint yourself today.    

Every day, every season gives you a whole new palette of inspiration to draw from.

Just as we’re thrilled to unveil the Fall Seasons Collection, for you, you’re excited to find the right pieces of wearable art to accentuate the feelings you want to convey with your wardrobe.

You use the fall season as a springboard to show yourself (and everyone around you) a whole new version of who you are.

It fills you with anticipation to reveal how you feel as summer shifts into fall…

…and autumn becomes winter.

The canvas of your body is ready for a whole new form of fashionable-expression.

That’s the essence of The New Paradigm of Wearable Art.

It’s about simply, eloquently and creatively becoming a timeless-fashion-masterpiece with the clothes and accessories you wear.

It goes without saying…

You’re always on the lookout for the most high-quality, original, inspired, handmade wearable art to paint the parts of yourself you want to share through fashion.

The Kashmir Company is passionate about giving you the ability to do just that.

Every Kashmir Shawl & Scarf in our Fall Seasons Collection is rich with autumn colors to highlight your skin tone, compliment your make-up and bring out the mood that you want to create today.

Those around you will enjoy and appreciate the work of art you bare for everyone to see.

By collecting these timeless fashion-art pieces, you are acquiring the mediums in your wardrobe to paint yourself in virtually unlimited ways.

That’s truly…

Your Style, Your Way!

    - The Kashmir Company

 P.S. Art is meant to be shared. That’s the message here. But during those crisp, windy autumn nights when the only thing that sounds good to you is curling up on the couch, sipping a cup of tea, while reading a book… your shawl is the perfect companion to snuggle with. We won’t tell.

Timeless Fashion

Seasons is a San Francisco Brand

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