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Hey Ladies,

We talked about Fast Fashion.

We also expressed to you how The Kashmir Company is different.

But what exactly IS Timeless Fashion?

Why do certain looks and trends endure the test of time?

When I was thinking about writing this blog, the one word that kept popping into my head was identity.

I'm personally fascinated by the looks and statements that women identify with.

The way you dress says so much about how you see yourself.

And how you want other people to perceive you.

Women who wear Fast Fashion are constantly waiting for designers and big corporations to tell them how to dress...

...how to be.


Women who wear Timeless Fashion KNOW who they are.

They look to classic styles to communicate how at peace and comfortable they are with themselves.

Take a look at what stands up to the fads.

Timeless Fashion is almost always... simple.

Timeless Fashion is made of high-quality material that's meant to last.

Timeless Fashion comes from REAL, artistic craftsmanship.

Timeless Fashion feels good against your skin.

Timeless Fashion makes you feel good to be IN your skin.

That's not something that Fast Fashion can ever claim.

Timeless Fashion makes a bigger declaration too.

 It takes a certain kind of woman to invest in fashion that will remain in her closet for years to come.

Timeless Fashion pieces are not cheap.

The quality you're buying isn't meant to represent you for just a month or two.

You buy the pieces that communicate who you are, underneath it all, now AND tomorrow.


Things change.

Circumstances change.

People change.

   You are always changing.

But there's something about you that stands the test of time.

Just like Timeless Fashion.

So you always make sure to buy dresses, skirts, blouses, shoes, shawls and scarves that look just as beautiful 10 years from now...

...as the day you bought them.

With Timeless Fashion, there's no sense of addiction.

What I mean is...

You aren't buying clothes just to get that initial rush of excitement that wanes after you wear your new items once or twice.

Timeless Fashion is like finding your soul-mate.

 He just gets you, right?

Sometimes certain clothes and accessories can just brilliantly frame you and your energy like nothing else could ever attempt to.

...Your character.

...Your personality.

...Your essence.

Timeless Fashion has the ability to convey the simple-eloquence of who you are...

...while also projecting a sense of quality and integrity that Fast Fashion could never even begin to capture.

Believe me...

Nothing is more of a timeless fashion statement than a truly handmade shawl or scarf made by an artisan who has this stuff in his or her blood.

And during this exciting time when those classic fall pieces you stored away come out of their chests, boxes and drawers...

...rejoice in the added dimension that our exclusive Timeless Fashion-Art pieces add to your already distinctive wardrobe.

After all...

You still dress to express the way you feel.


The addition of a vivid, fall-hued, one-of-a-kind Kashmir Shawl gives your classic look an even more distinctive timeless feel.

But it also helps you tell the story of how you feel, today, in the most simplistically-elegant way possible.

That's what Timeless Fashion IS!

 To Your Style, Your Way!

 - The Kashmir Company

P.S. There's a whole other aspect to Timeless Fashion. It's about expressing and revealing a sense of art. Indeed, no longer are our bodies just for covering up. We are canvass' for artistic expression. More soon! 

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