Fast Fashion vs. Timeless Fashion

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Hey Ladies…  Let me ask you something:

Do you dress to represent pop culture and the latest fads?


Do you create your own style to express who you are and how you feel?

Think about that for a second.

But before you answer…

I wanted to discuss the huge differences between fashion that stands the test of time and the trending styles that the big corporations tell us are the way we should look.

The phrase Fast Fashion was created to describe how quickly styles are changing and how clothing companies have drastically altered their business model to maintain the illusion of setting trends.

That’s hardly your style, your way, right?

So what exactly is Fast Fashion?

The term Fast Fashion represents taking the new looks and styles you see on the catwalk…

…and rapidly getting them into retail stores, YESTERDAY!

Think Forever 21, Zara, H&M & Gap.

 These companies have been anointed with the authority to not just influence how women feel like they need to dress, but outright dictate the way you look.

It’s fast because if it was any slower, we’d realize that the big corporations are selling stuff we don’t really want. (I mean… are you still super-excited about your studded booties or flannel crop top?)

Even worse…

The cheap fabric and quick production time used makes whatever you buy absolutely… disposable.

In fact…

Many fashion bloggers who buy Fast Fashion admit to throwing or giving away the stuff they buy after only wearing an article of clothing… just once.

Can you imagine your Grandmother throwing her clothes into the trash after wearing them once or twice?

It didn’t happen because what women bought back then was made to last and endure flippant trends.

However… These days…

Your style, which was once an expression of your own unique beauty and essence, is now at the whim of fleeting, superficial popularity.

And why?


Because if one company gets the new look out before the store a few doors down, they win.

That’s the gist of it;

Corporate fear and greed determines what’s in the closet for millions of women all around the world.

And that’s not who you are.

You don’t wear clothes because of what’s hot.

You wear clothes to express the beauty you are and feel.

In fact…

When everyone who works at The Kashmir Company get together to hone in upon our message to you, we always say that:

        Fast Fashion is Soulless Style…

 …It’s for women who don’t know who they are; women who count on designers and corporations to tell them how to look.

That’s not what fashion is all about.

That’s not why you go through your beautification routine every morning – when you choose the clothes, makeup and accessories you imagine will frame the way you feel in the best possible way.

I mean…

Do you really want to give Zara the ability to tell you who you are and shape the way you dress?

Of course not!

You’re a woman that knows who you are and what styles best represent the way you feel RIGHT NOW.

You’re a woman who is confident and comfortable in your own skin.

You’re a trendsetter who influences the way other women dress, not the other way around.

The Kashmir Company and The Seasons Brand were born out of the vision to accomplish two things:

  1. Give Kashmiri Artisans a platform to show the world the kind of fashion that dates back to antiquity.
  2. Provide exceptional women, like you, with the ability to accentuate your own totally unique look and style by wearing our 100% original, one-of-a-kind pieces of fashion art.

What we offer is the complete opposite of Fast Fashion.

Our exclusive Kashmir Shawls & Scarves are symbols of Timeless Fashion.

Compare garments that take minutes to mass produce by machine…

…To our handmade pieces of wearable art that take sometimes as long as three years to complete.

Our message is: 

"Fashion is a way to frame yourself; display yourself in the way YOU want the world to see you." And when you own one of our timeless, exquisite, handmade pieces of wearable art, you’re not fitting yourself into a box.Instead… You’re wearing something that nobody else has.

Because you’re original.  And whenever possible…
You wear clothes and accessories as original as you are!

That’s not Fast Fashion.  That’s Timeless Fashion.

To Your Style, Your Way!

      - The Kashmir Company

P.S. Imagine the work environments that poorly-paid people, who mass-produce Fast Fashion, are exposed to. Is that something you really want to support when you pay your money at The Gap cash register? We don’t. And that’s why we pay our Kashmiri Artisans what they’re worth when we commission them to create our one-of-a-kind pieces of original fashion art. That’s also why our Kashmir Shawls & Scarves cost more than the department store stuff.

Where you buy matters!

Support real fashion.

Support art.

Support us!

P.P.S. Fast fashion is like fast food. At first blush it looks good, but you soon find out that something is missing; not only out of your wallet… but out of your soul. 

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